Jalitar fabricated aluminium cladding for over 400 nos. of column using the open joint system concept for Terminal 4, finished with fluorocarbon champagne gold.

With the highest column spanning up to 11 metres high, we used the interlock system, in order to achieve a constant groove for the horizontal and vertical recess for all the columns.

Due to the need of concealing the M&E e.g. speakers, censors, alarms etc. in the interior of our cladding, each and every column’s support firm has to be consistent.

Our stainless steel skirtings are designed in a way to be able to remove easily, allowing the ease of future maintenance and installation.

Our skirtings’ heights are also adjustable to cater for different floor level tolerances to be made flush.

Architect:SAA Architect Pte Ltd
Main Contractor(s):Takenaka Corporation
Location:10 Airport Boulevard,
Date of Completion:Sep 2016

Scope Of Work

Designed, supplied & installed:

  • Aluminium column cladding
  • Stainless steel skirting