> The identical-twin aluminium circular trellis feature encompassing the Reinforced Concrete water tanks at the roof level over the void of the vehicular ramp is 50 metres above the ground.
> The circular bowl-like trellis feature has a size of 21 metres in diameter at the top, setting in 12-sector module, with the aluminium “T” trellis strip descending down in 6 vertical points to form a void of 2 metres diameter at its bottom most level.
> The aluminium feature is supported by 12 cantilevered main steel trusses and due to its size of 7470 mm in length and 4300 mm in height, each set of profile-formed truss is broken down into 2 parts, prefabricated in factory and jointed with mechanical fixing on site before lifting up for mechanical fixing into position, without welding on site.
> There are 7 rows of curved steel hollow section in different radii provided to tie up the cantilevered main trusses for final installation of the aluminium trellis feature.
> A total of 3170 numbers of angle bracket in 30 different dimensions is provided for each feature in order to slide along the steel hollow section for securing the aluminium “T” trellis strips to achieve the aesthetic of the final design feature.

The critical part of the aluminium canopy 1800 mm cantilevered from the wall is the link-up of 2 stretches of aluminium canopy with double-return joint and an overall size of 2500 x 3000 mm.

> Due to the different and irregular curvatures of both top and bottom surfaces of the canopy, achieving a smooth and seamless aluminium cladded finished surface for this particular double-return has become challenging.
> First of all is the seeking of determination of the outline panel joints from the design consultant, given the constraint of aluminium sheet size and other aspects such as feasibility of fabrication and installation.
> With the help of suitable 3D design implementation, the whole design including the structural supporting element are established and broken into individual component for fabrication.
> Off-site simulation for supporting structure is carried out in factory in order to establish the perfect component and the subsequent individual sheet panel with its unique size and profile being trial-fixed for adjustment until the whole double returned canopy part is ascertained and accepted.

Architect:Jurong Consultants Pte Ltd
Main Contractor(s):Welltech Construction Pte Ltd
Location:160 Sin Ming Drive,
Date of Completion:Nov 2016

Scope Of Work

Designed, supplied & installed:

  • Canopy
  • Water harvesting tank