It was an honor to be part of this project to one of the World’s best airport, Singapore Changi Airport.
We fabricate and install exterior cladding and perforated ceilings to all the passenger loading bridge for Terminal 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Taking into account that we had to mask the mechanical and electrical (M&E) ducting, piping, wiring & drive control equipment to make the passenger loading bridges look spick-and-span, our team used a 3D engineering software to design an exemplary to ensure everything is orderly placed and no wires can be seen on the exterior.

As the passenger loading bridges are detract-able (1 to 2 times), it is important that our claddings’ tolerance are high and the panels are big enough with little returns. To ensure that when the 3 bridges detract, it will fit like a glove.

Architect:Changi Airport Group (CAG)
Main Contractor(s):ShinMaywa (Asia) Pte Ltd
Location:Terminals 1 to 4.
Airport Boulevard, Singapore
Date of Completion:Date varies for all the terminals.

Scope Of Work

Designed, supplied & installed:

  • External claddings
  • Perforated ceilings