By far, the Helix Bridge project was the most challenging of all. The many challenges our team faced were:

> The helix bridge triangular glasses for the canopy. Due to the structure movement and construction tolerance, the 192 pieces of glasses have to be of different sizes and to determine the dimensions of the glasses, precise calculations in the approach of fabrications had to be done. As a result, our team designed a special jig and a fully adjustable template for measurement of every piece of the glass.
> The Helix Bridge grade 904L stainless steel architectural meshes. Measuring up to 6000 mm x 3000 mm, they were to be incorporated along parts of the inner spiral. Manufacturers all around the world were unable to produce/manufacture due to its size. After much persuasions to one of the manufacturers, we were able to convince them to modify their machine in order to produce the size of the required mesh.
> The Helix Bridge spider clamps. It requires a special flexible swing arm linking towards any direction to grip the glasses from various angles and plans. It was the most complex spider clamp in the market.With all the obstacles our team faced, we were still able to complete the project successfully and more importantly, handing over on time for our clients.

Architect:Cox Group Pte Ltd (Australia)
Main Contractor(s):TTJ Holdings Limited
Sato Kogyo (S) Pte Ltd
Location:Bayfront Avenue, Singapore
Date of Completion:Dec 2009; May 2010

Scope Of Work

Designed, supplied & installed:

  • Artic Blue (self-cleaning glass)
  • Trade railing
  • Stainless Steel mesh